Young Caregivers Association

Many young caregivers are in need of a strong support system.

There are over one million young caregivers (age 15-24) in Canada, and they often face unique hurdles related to their life stage. The responsibilities of caring for family members can have a negative impact on their academic and professional opportunities; they report feeling unrecognized and unsupported by many healthcare and other professionals, and even employment can be a challenge due their obligations at home. The Young Caregivers Association has become a leader in service, awareness and empowerment for young caregivers in southwestern Ontario. 

Providing expanded training, support and advocating for change. 

The Young Caregivers Association, supported by funding from the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation, is digitizing many of their core programs and training modules to make them accessible online for young caregivers and their families across Canada. In addition, they are creating a knowledge hub for professionals. The hub will bring together young caregivers, professionals, and researchers in a concerted effort to improve awareness, and bring about systemic change. 

We are proud to partner with the Young Caregivers Association in this effort to improve the lives of young caregivers and their loved ones.