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Yee Hong Center For Geriatric Care

Providing culturally appropriate caregiver services to Chinese-Canadians.

Canada is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse countries, and yet most caregiving services are only provided in English or French.  As a not-for-profit seniors’ care organization, the Yee Hong Centre is well-known in the Toronto area for its extensive expertise in providing quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate services to Chinese older adults (and other ethnic groups). Yee Hong’s Caregiver Education and Support Services helps caregivers fortify their love and patience, with up-to-date knowledge, essential skills and wellness support.

Expanding education, resources and support where it’s most needed.

Yee Hong developed three pillars of caregiver support—knowledge, skills, and wellness— in an online education platform for family caregivers.  With our support, Yee Hong launched The CARE for Caregivers Project, in which they will assist the Gaia Community and Wellness Society to develop a similar service model for family caregivers in the Vancouver area.

We are proud that our funding will help Yee Hong extend its online and resource centre model to many more Chinese-Canadian caregivers.