Child in a wheelchair

SickKids Foundation

As a world-leading paediatric hospital, SickKids treats some of the sickest and most medically complex kids in Ontario, and even the country. Recognizing that the family & caregivers are central in a child’s life, SickKids embraces child and family-centred care, an approach where children and families are engaged in their care in an authentic and collaborative way. This approach is embedded in clinical practice, administration, research, and education. But it also extends beyond the hospital.

Our funding will enable expanded access to Connected Care - a training and virtual support program for caregivers who are transitioning from hospital to home with a child who has high medical needs.

Before leaving the hospital, families will get extensive training on their child’s medical devices (feeding tubes, oxygen cylinders, etc.). At home, an on-demand virtual platform connects caregivers with a SickKids complex care nurse who can answer urgent questions 24/7. Caregivers need training to manage these intricacies at home. And when they need help, it's often an urgent situation. Providing caregivers a direct line to expert advice means they don't have to troubleshoot on their own or trek to the emergency department - a major ordeal for children with high medical needs.

We are proud that our funding will provide family caregivers the confidence and support they need to continue caring for their children in the family home.