McMaster University and Carers Canada

Balancing work and caregiving can be an overwhelming challenge

There are approximately six million employed caregivers across Canada—representing 35% of the workforce. Balancing paid work and unpaid caring responsibilities  can be an overwhelming challenge, resulting in negative physical, mental and financial impact on employees.  

Raising awareness, facilitating change, and proving support 

Through our funding of a research project, we are helping the McMaster Gender Health and Caregiver Friendly Workplaces and Carers Canada better understand the experiences of working caregivers and employers and gain insights into challenges and possible solutions.  Building on research evidence and lived experiences of caregivers and employers, the final report will add to the awareness of working caregivers and provide suggestions to help organizations create flexible and accommodating workplaces that meet the need of individuals balancing paid work and unpaid caring.

We are proud to fund this critical research and start the journey towards substantial changes in the paid workplace for caregivers.  Download their report.