McGill University

Providing a high level of care requires a high level of support.

A lack of education, isolation, and emotional stress: these are just some of the ongoing challenges faced by caregivers as they adjust to providing full time care to loved ones. These caregivers require a broad range of support and education to overcome these challenges and continue to provide the high level of care required. This multi-faceted initiative will make that education and support available across Canada.

Access to one of Canada’s leading dementia support programs.

The Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning at McGill University has a wide range of expertise and resources to help those caring for loved ones with dementia. We are helping McGill make those resources available to caregivers from coast to coast. By providing access to these online education programs, virtual support groups, medical reports (in an easy-to-understand format) and networking opportunities through the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, caregivers will have ready access to one of the most comprehensive dementia support programs in the country.

We are proud to work with McGill to bring these valuable resources to caregivers. Read their report here.