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La Fiducie du patrimione culturel des Augustines

Providing much-needed respite and resources for caregivers.
With our support, La Fiducie is able to offer caregivers free passes to the famous Monastere des Augustines. This respite is designed to promote rest, renewal and self-discovery. The packages include specialized workshops that will enhance their ability to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Our funding will also help expand access to overnight stays beyond the Quebec City region.

The physical and mental well-being of caregivers is often overlooked.
The responsibilities and emotional support taken on by caregivers can put their health at risk and eventually lead to compassion fatigue or burnout. It is crucial to take care of their overall health, for their sake and to enable them to continue providing quality care to their loved ones. 

A well-earned break and resources for caregivers. 
With our support, Le Monastère des Augustines, a heritage site dedicated to health, rest and renewal for nearly 400 years, is able to provide more stays and respite activities to Canadian caregivers.

These services allow them to rest, take care of themselves and gather the tools needed to pursue their valuable dedication to their loved one. Our funding also helps broaden access to the respite and support programs for caregivers offered by different Canadian provinces or by regions of Québec other than the National Capital Region.

We are proud to support this expansion of Le Monastère des Augustines' services and support, which recognizes the vital importance of the well-being of family caregivers.