Family Caregivers of British Columbia

Introducing the National Caregiver Impact Project
Five provincial caregiver organizations – Family Caregivers of BC, Caregivers Alberta, Young Caregivers Association, the Ontario Caregiver Organization and Caregivers Nova Scotia – are building on their history of collaboration to launch the National Caregiver Impact Project in partnership with the CareMakers Foundation. The project will bring together expertise from across Canada to form a diverse problem-focused team that is highly motivated to work together to make progress on accelerating caregiver friendly health care. Modeled on Impact Lab and Hub approaches, the Caregiver Impact Lab team will deepen their understanding of the barriers to including caregivers as partners in care, build on existing work and generate new hypothesis about key causes of the problem and identify opportunities to adapt and expand promising approaches.

We are proud to support and champion this national dialogue around caregiving through the National Caregiver Impact Project.