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Family Caregivers of British Columbia

Family Caregivers of BC (FCBC) is improving the quality of life of family and friend caregivers through support, information, education and leadership.

FCBC understands the important role of peer support in helping to sustain caregiver wellbeing. After more than 30 years of offering support groups and training volunteer facilitators locally, in-person, they adapted the training to be delivered virtually, as a Zoom-based training. While these virtual trainings are effective, FCBC set their sights on developing a more flexible, online learning option that incorporates the best of education technology that is also accessible.

With our support, FCBC is working to create In Good Company, a series of online facilitator training modules delivered through a learning management system. Three existing facilitator trainings – Support Group Facilitator , Peer -To-Peer and Circles of Support - will be adapted and paired with a new Community of Practice “how to” companion training. This training series will offer more flexibility for learners, who can access the training modules when and where they want, as well as access to virtual in-person shared co-learning opportunities. This in turn helps to build the capacity of any community to implement evidence-based, local peer support for family and friend caregivers.

Participants in the most remote areas of BC will be able to gain the skills and experience to become facilitators for support groups, caregiver peer mentors, and circle of care facilitators in their own communities.

We are proud to help Family Caregivers of BC broaden their reach and support of caregivers all across the province.