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Canadian Virtual Hospice

All caregivers require access to quality resources.

In Canada, an estimated 75 percent of healthcare is provided in the home by unpaid family and friend caregivers. Yet most caregivers report feeling unprepared and unsupported, and there remains a lack of accessible training that aligns with caregiver schedules. This project expands Canadian Virtual Hospice’s popular Caregiver series to address a wider range of caregiving tasks. This information will provide support to caregivers, preparing them to deliver safe care. 

Making practical training and support available across Canada.

The Caregiver Learning Series will be available online, free of charge, 24/7, in both English and French. Where issues with internet connectivity exist, the videos will be made available as a USB resource. This material will also be available to caregiver organizations and health facilities across Canada.  

We’re proud to work with the Canadian Virtual Hospice as they extend support for caregivers across Canada.