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Baycrest is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a focus on brain health and aging.With the support of the Petro‑Canada CareMakers Foundation, Baycrest will work to expand awareness and understanding of caregiving in Canada through the creation of three online learning modules that will serve as an introduction to the issue.

The online learning modules will be based on research-backed evidence, and Baycrest’s feedback and experiences in supporting caregivers. Most of us are, will be, or know someone who is a caregiver, and these tools will provide support and education about the type of assistance and knowledge that is needed.

The first module, The Caregiver Experience, provides an overview of caregiving in Canada. The second module, How to Engage and Support Caregivers in Your Community, provides a clear guide for how to have supportive conversations with caregivers. The third module, How to Ask for Help, focuses on equipping corporate leaders with resources to support staff who are caregivers