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Caregivers give their support. But who supports caregivers? 
Most of us know a caregiver, but we don’t know exactly what they do or how to support them. Caregivers themselves don’t always know where they can go for help, support or advice. This lack of helpful information and education is one of the biggest challenges facing caregivers today. It’s a problem that we, together with Baycrest, are tackling head on. 

Raising awareness and providing education, support and advice. 
Baycrest specializes in providing care for older adults. Now, with funding provided by the Caremakers Foundation, they are sharing their expertise with caregivers across Canada. A monthly series of educational guides and webinars, hosted on the Baycrest@Home platform, will be accessible to caregivers at no cost. They will help them navigate the complex health care system, provide much needed education and support, and increase awareness of their needs and challenges. 

We are proud to partner with Baycrest and fund these important initiatives. 

See the monthly webinars here:

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