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Understanding what it takes to be a family caregiver is difficult, but there are experts in the field who can help.

Here you will find some information that can help.

Balancing Work and Care

Balancing Work and Care: Experiences of Working Caregivers and Evidence Informing Caregiver Friendly Workplaces

Over 6 million Canadians are balancing work and unpaid caregiving responsibilities, accounting for 35% of the workforce. If not supported, these individuals face difficult, life-altering choices, such as reducing their work hours, turning down job opportunities, taking a leave of absence or leaving the labour market.

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Family caregiving in Canada: Addressing systemic challenges and identifying opportunities for action

In October 2021, a diverse group of caregiving thought leaders, practitioners and caregivers with lived experiences met virtually to explore systemic challenges impacting caregivers and discuss opportunities to increase awareness of the importance of caregiving and better address the needs of caregivers.

The sessions provided valuable insights and helped us develop a more nuanced appreciation of the varied and complex issues in the caregiving space. It further clarified the potential role for charitable organizations to partner with other agents of change to overcome them.

Caregiving in Canada: Challenges and opportunities shaping a national conversation

In October 2020, our virtual roundtables brought together thought leaders and advocates in the caregiving industry. We brought these experts together to inform our work in the caregiving sector, and to better understand the key issues and opportunities that caregivers face every day.

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