Caring for those who care for others.

Over 8 million Canadians devote their lives to loved ones. For them, caring is more than an act of kindness, it’s an everyday commitment. We believe that caregivers need support too, and we are focusing our efforts on this important cause.
1 in 4 Canadians is a caregiver
Many of us take on the role of family caregiver for a friend or loved one who needs support.
Over 51% are overwhelmed
Caregivers are often worried, anxious and tired because of caregiving responsibilities.
19 hours per week on average
This time spent caregiving is in addition to paid work and other family commitments.
A headshot of Maxim Bombo.
“They’re folks who give without keeping score, who ask for nothing in return and don’t talk about it either. We have to be there to help them, because they won’t ask for it.”
Maxim Bombo Manager to a caregiving employee
Show caregivers that they are appreciated for their patience and compassion.